Expo Mom 2009 Sponsors

Expo Mom 2009 is presented by:





& Supported by:






For more information on how to join Expo Mom as a sponsor or exhibitor, call 7809898 / 7138144 and look for Avick.  You may also email inquiry@expomom.com.


14 Responses to “Expo Mom 2009 Sponsors”

  1. Jonie Says:

    Hi Avick,

    I am very interested to join the Expo Mom 2009. Can you give me details on this?
    We are selling Mamaway nursing wear and maternity clothes 🙂

    Appreciate for your feedback on this.


  2. jonie Says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. donna Says:

    please sen me details too.. 🙂 we’re in photograpy business focused on kid’s parties. 🙂


  4. lani Says:

    good day!! im interested to be one of the exhibitor. what are the requirements to join

  5. The end of Mom’s busy week! What’s YOUR day like? « Expo Mom Says:

    […] Post your answers on this page on or before May 6.  We will choose 5 of the best answers to win a special gift from Mommy Matters and Expo Mom Sponsors. […]

    • Gin-gin Espiritu-Aguilar Says:

      My day will start with an early morning smile and hug from my 10-month old son Adam (on a good day, that is!). He will usually snuggle and sleep on my pillow before letting me change his nappies and his “nyt-nyt” shirt. The day will be a breeze as i give him his food, prepare his bath pharaphernalia and play with his toys while getting some assistance from his yaya as well while i try to get some sleep. I make sure though that i spend some quality time with the whole family, even if it means waking up really early while coming from a 2pm-11pm shift at the office just to eat breakfast with hubby, baby and Grandma.
      Afternoons will be filled with office meetings, trainings, and other domestic related stuff, but at the end of the day (or make it night!), i always look forward to going home and change into my pj’s as i look and see my husband and little son sleeping side by side. I say my prayers and cannot thank God enough for giving me all these blessings.

  6. And the winners are…. « Expo Mom Says:

    […] reading about how you spend your days, but we have to choose 5 entries to win special prizes from Expo Mom Sponsors.  The winners […]

  7. geraldine Says:

    where will i register my husband in the event of Expo Dad?

    • expomom Says:

      HI Geraldine! Entrance is P25. There is no need to register! Just go to Rockwell Tent on July 18:)

      Hi Eileen and Mitch! Expo Mom Bazaar is scheduled for November. We have other events scheduled as well as listed on this page:) Thanks for your interest! Please let me know if you’d like to join as an attendee or as an exhibitor/ vendor:)

      Hi Joy:) Mommy Matters was the nursingwear brand featured on MOMents. Please check out their site at http://mommymatters.multiply.com.

      Hi Joselyn! Thanks for your interest! Hope you can come to Expo Dad or our next event in August, Mommy Milkshake!

  8. grace Says:

    i feel so sorry that i miss the event.. i’m on my 3rd tri to my2nd child and i really like attend expo mom next time, my i know when is your next schedule and i also would to know where to buy baby sling coz i find the cool and useful aswell.. tnx and more power!

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